I Read the News Today?

I Read the News Today?, originally uploaded by pamhule.
Here's a photo I took with the iPhone the other day at the 42nd street subway station in New York. Two things come to mind when I look at this photo: 1) I continue to be surprised at the quality of the iPhone can produce. There's plenty of noise in the picture above, but given how little light there was at the station, this is not bad at all. 2) the iPhone really does a great job as a handy camera for street photography (like many other smartphones, I'd imagine).  It's discreet and its functions ambiguous, which makes it easy to shoot unnoticed.


  1. Anonymous1:25 AM

    I have been thinking about the discreet aspect for street photography. I can never get my courage up enough to be lost behind the camera taking photos of those around me. Does it feel different Jens when you use your iphone?

  2. I think so. The iphone is a lot more discreet than a regular slr. The trade off is generally that you have to get really close--especially if you want to make interesting street photography. Another challenge if you want to shoot unnoticed is that you have compose the image without looking at the screen (once you look at the screen and try to compose the shot, it's a total give-away). But once you learn the camera's focal length, it's generally possible to compose without looking (although my success rate is nowhere near 100%). Also, the lack of a physical shutter-release button doesn't make the task any easier. I'd be curious if anyone has any experience with other camera phones. . .

  3. Terrific photo! My iphone is 1st generation and the camera is good but nowhere like this.

    I agree, as soon as you look at your camera, people notice...but once you start taking candids, it becomes addictive and difficult to stop! There is a slight thrill to it, I must admit.