March Super Moon (月球)

March Super Moon (月球)

Tonight the moon will be closer to Earth than at any other time during the past 18 years. The apparent size of the moon varies because of the oval shape of the moon's orbit. And tonight it will be particularly close--appearing to be almost 15% larger larger than normal (and 30% brighter). You can more about the phenomenon at NASA's website.

Even yesterday the moon was incredibly bright. I shot the photo above using Canon's 70-200mm at f/10, the shutter at 1/500 and ISO at 400 and cropped substantially. Not exactly astrophotography gear. Even a slightly longer telephoto lens would have helped a lot.

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  1. funny how we can take what is obvious for granted.
    I looked upon the bright illuminator of the night awe... did not know there was something beyond the usual-- demanding attention....
    thanks for sharing this.