Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋節)

Message Under the Moon It's Mid-Autumn Festival and the parks and streets of Hong Kong are decked with paper lanterns. In Victoria Park in Causeway Park, the city celebrated by putting up a lantern so big it made it into the The Guinness Book of World Records. I went by to take some shots with my 5d and a few different lenses. The light was a bit tricky and I ended up shooting most of with the photos at ISO 1600 and above. My favorite shot is the one above. There was a public message board in the middle of the park, and I spotted this girl writing a message while her mother was watching. I was struck by the girl's concentrated look, and the picture shows well just how focused she was on leaving her message.

 I had hoped to get some more portraits of the crowds but the rain got in the way.

I've included a few more shots below the fold (including the big lantern processed with some subtle HDR).

Lee Kum Kee Lantern Wonderland (李锦记彩灯大观园)





  1. Great photos, the lanterns look amazing. I'm bummed I missed this years ago. Looking forward to a return trip to Hong Kong.

  2. This is a truly fine shot. I also like your HDR work. I have seen a lot and most leaves me cold as it is overdone and is not at all to my taste but your processing shows its merits.
    Nice work. Will follow your blog.