Covering a Protest

Wrog 4 America, originally uploaded by pamhule.

I happened upon a protest against Obama's Middle East policy in midtown on Sunday, April 25, 2010. The protest was organized by the Jewish Action Alliance but attracted a variety groups, including Hindus, tea-partiers, and Christian evangelicals.

I was struck by the extremism of many of the signs and decided to try to document the rally. It turned out to be an interesting challenge in photojournalism, and I would be interested in some feedback. For the most part I tried to take photos while the protesters were not paying attention to me but when that was too difficult, I would ask people to pose.

I have included a few more shots below along with a slideshow of the protest. For all the photos from the event see this set on flickr.

Sign in the Dirt, originally uploaded by pamhule.

Stop Bullying, originally uploaded by pamhule.

Here's the slideshow:

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