There are Two Types of Subway Riders. . .

The Two Types of Subway Riders, originally uploaded by pamhule.

A man waits for the subway at the Wall Street subway station in New York City on April 25, 2010.

I like the way this shot came out. Especially since it tells the tale of two different types of subway riders. The main subject is looking at the man in the distance, who in turn is looking for the train. Unlike the other man, the main subject is leisurely waiting for the subway, reading his book, and resting his back against a pillar. "The train will come when it comes", you can sense him thinking as he observes someone with the opposite attitude. Meanwhile, the man in the distance is hoping that his efforts will earn him a few seconds advance notice of the arrival of the train. I'd much rather be the main subject in this photo (although, I am sad to admit that I too peek down the tracks from time to time).

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